Training based on practice, not theory

Good sales skills don’t have to be innate. You can be a killer salesperson—regardless of your background or experience—if you have the right mindset.


Owner of Curiosity Calls

Listee on Inc Magazine's Inc 5000 list of fastest growing  privately-owned companies in the US

Listee on Inc Magazine's Inc 5000 list of fastest growing
privately-owned companies in the US

For the last 15 years, I’ve owned and run Metal Mafia (, a wholesale jewelry company and repeat-listee on Inc Magazine's Inc 5000 list of fastest growing privately-owned companies in the US. I also founded a toy company called Wacky Links, which is still in start-up mode. As the leader of both, I know that whether your business generates $15,000,000 or $15,000 in revenues, there is one constant: if sales aren’t the focus of your business, the business won’t be around for long. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a product or a service you’re bringing to market—the bottom line, both literally and proverbially, is that you have to be selling every second of every day to get seen by the public, to generate revenues, and to keep your company alive and thriving.

In my weekly column, "In the Trenches" for Inc Magazine (, I write about sales, to help fellow business owners shake the smarmy feeling everyone wrongly associates with selling. In my role as a Board of Experts member for the Birthing of Giants entrepreneurial fellowship, I’m frequently consulted about sales process and practice for businesses of all kinds. 

I believe sales should be taught to everyone from high school students to top rank business owners. Every interaction we have in life is about selling—from selling parents on why we want to go a specific party to selling a potential employer on why we’re the next right hire, to selling a product we have painstakingly designed or a service we hope no one will be able to live without. Curiosity calls was born with that singular truth in mind.

Selling is a skill everyone needs, and I will help you see selling as not only straightforward, but more importantly, as natural. Gone are the days of feeling like a pest.

Stop cringing, start calling, make sales.


“She is the
Michael Jordan
of B2B sales”

— Marc Adwar - Brooklyn Jewelers


What makes my
training different?

As a business owner who has successfully built 3 businesses from the ground up, I know that you need to make the most of both time and money.  

You don’t want a consultant who is going to bill a lot of hours—you want a plan that is going to work with a cost you can commit to, and a return on investment that is clear.

My intent is not to become an ongoing part of your business, but rather to quickly and expertly help you, the owner, establish a sales strategy, implement a recruitment process, create a training program, and troubleshoot sales issues, so you can take control of your company’s sales and lead them where they need to be on your own.