Testimonials from clients

Whether it’s a veteran wanting to improve her game or an entrepreneur just getting started, the results are immediate and the return on investment undeniable.


Shifting your mindset from pitching to engaging.


My background has always been in manufacturing.

Since starting my own business I have had to wear every hat.

Not knowing where to start with sales…I turned to Vanessa. She is the “Michael Jordan” of B to B sales.

Vanessa has helped us build a sales process from scratch. We continue to acquire new accounts and increase sales every year!

Marc Adwar - Brooklyn Jewelers

Intent of outreach is a crucial concept - Vanessa’s workshop had me rethinking what to say when calling people on the phone or in person to start up a conversation. Instead of thinking about introducing myself/services, I think a conversation can start much easier if I highlight a problem and mention how to fix it. 

Mike Miello - Webodew

Wow – You are awesome!

I actually got rid of my last sales person and have been focused everyday on the sales calls myself again. So I spend a few hours daily solely on sales calls myself while I look for the replacement. 

Each time I make a call, I’m using what I learn to create a sales training / process so I can properly train someone. 

And, through it all, I’m not getting discouraged because I’m focused on the magic 8 that you taught me about.

Finally, as an entrepreneur, I have evened out my temperament and bounce back quicker from ups and downs given thanks to your advice. That has helped me to manage my days, my energy and even my time.  

Thank you! Onward and upward.  

Sharon Joseph - Brewasis

I found that changing my mindset around what "sales" means and how to approach it helped me overcome my fears about it.  It "depersonalizes" it so I can focus on what is relevant.  In a way, it makes selling feel less selfish, and more customer-focused. I learned the importance of thinking in specifics and in particular the specifics of the person I am speaking with--which is funny, because those are the standards of good conversation and I had not connected that to sales. It's not easy to get out of your comfort zone, but you made it one step easier.  Thanks!

Tara Rai - Photographer

Sales skills for me fell in the "you have it or you don't" category and while I still think it is true to some extent, Vanessa showed me that you can prepare and train.

Ilka Elimadi Ileli - Savonnerie Artisanale